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Dugu Wolo (CD)

Image of Dugu Wolo (CD)


Adam's first 'world music' record, recorded in Bamako, Mali, and featuring traditional West African instrumentation (kora, ngoni, calabash, talking drum, etc.). Original songs in the Bambara language. American roots meets rustic Mande music.

Beautiful digipak CD and booklet featuring an essay on Adam's musical experience in Mali, description of the instrumentation, pictures, and a write-up on the meaning of the songs.

“A remarkably soulful record, leaving a warm glow in its wake… there is a sublime beauty to the interplay of instruments.. a rather beautiful piece of work.”- John Davy, Flyin Shoes

“A beautiful combination of blues, jazz, and acoustic folk with traditional Mandinka music… Dugu Wolo is a piece of music art. “- Altcountryforum

“Purity and tranquility radiate from this album… stunning.”- Rootstime