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DeVille T-shirt + "Archer's Arrow" CD + "Sky Blue DeVille" Vinyl LP

Image of DeVille T-shirt + "Archer's Arrow" CD + "Sky Blue DeVille" Vinyl LP

$35.00 - On Sale

Special pre-order bundle for "Archer's Arrow" release! Limited edition DeVille T-shirt + ""Archer's Arrow" CD + "Sky Blue DeVille" vinyl.

On "Archer's Arrow":
Folk rock with a foray into rock n roll. Thick guitars in the vein of Neil Young with Crazy Horse, organ, piano, and a steadfast rhythm section balanced by Klein’s signature warm and engaging voice. Featuring Athens, GA, pop-rock masters Nutria and members of Mississippi's Jimbo Mathus and the Tri-State Coalition. Produced by Bronson Tew.

On "Sky Blue DeVille":
Adam Klein & The Wild Fires' first album together, released April 16, 2013. Engineered and produced by Bronson Tew. Featuring special guests Randall Bramblett, Ike Stubblefield, David Blackmon, and more.

Pressed on randomly-mixed colored, 150-gram vinyl with lyrics/credits insert and mp3 download card.

"... an immensely accomplished record"- Flyin Shoes

“… nine songs of clean, winsome but lonely Americana and country soul… Sky Blue DeVille, at its most tender and honest, reflects the calm genius of Lyle Lovett’s Pontiac.”- Andre Gallant, Athens Banner-Herald

"... a wonderful album that completely reinforces the faith one has in a particular genre. Honesty, strength and musical heft."- Americana UK