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His first overtly socio-political collection to be released, the songs’ commentary take the state of American society to task in certain regards, holding only a few punches. Yet feelings of heartbreak and devastation are tempered by signs of hope and promise. Initial recording by Will Robertson at Gallop Studios in Atlanta, GA, with Will on bass, Bret Hartley on guitar, and Colin Agnew on drums. The recordings were sent to Bronson Tew at Dial Back Sound who then produced, mixed, and mastered the album. Featuring Tew, Jay Gonzalez (Drive-By Truckers), Jamison Hollister (Dwight Yoakam), Schaefer Llana, Hank West (Squirrel Nut Zippers), Kyshona, Soencer Thomas (Futurebirds), and more! "moving folk rock… years of experience show in his new, beautifully conceived album.”- Hal Horowitz, Creative Loafing; "Adam Klein Creates Seven-Minute Lyrical & Orchestral Triumph On I-20: Yes, Adam Klein might be the next great American songwriter..." - Glide Magazine

The sonic follow-up to "Sky Blue DeVille", Klein's seventh album, "Low Flyin' Planes", is produced by longtime collaborator Bronson Tew and features Crash Cason on guitar, Matt Patton (Drive-By Truckers) on bass, Eric Carlton (Jimbo Mathus) on keys, Stuart Cole (ex-Squirrel Nut Zippers) on upright bass, Kell Kellum (Young Valley) on pedal steel, Will McCarley on drums, and other tasteful players delivering ten new songs colored by Klein's signature warm and engaging voice.

Folk rock with a foray into rock n roll. Thick guitars in the vein of Neil Young with Crazy Horse, organ, piano, and a steadfast rhythm section balanced by Klein’s signature warm and engaging voice. Featuring Athens, GA, pop-rock masters Nutria and members of Mississippi's Jimbo Mathus and the Tri-State Coalition.
Produced by Bronson Tew.

Adam Klein & The Wild Fires' first album together. Released April 16, 2013. Engineered and produced by Bronson Tew. Featuring special guests Randall Bramblett, Ike Stubblefield, David Blackmon, and more.
"... an immensely accomplished record"- Flyin Shoes
“… nine songs of clean, winsome but lonely Americana and country soul… Sky Blue DeVille, at its most tender and honest, reflects the calm genius of Lyle Lovett’s Pontiac.”- Andre Gallant, Athens Banner-Herald
"... a wonderful album that completely reinforces the faith one has in a particular genre. Honesty, strength and musical heft."- Americana UK

DUGU WOLO (2012):
Adam's first 'world music' record, recorded in Bamako, Mali, and featuring traditional West African instrumentation (kora, ngoni, calabash, talking drum, etc.). Original songs in the Bambara language. American roots meets rustic Mande music.
Beautiful digipak CD and booklet featuring an essay on Adam's musical experience in Mali, description of the instrumentation, pictures, and a write-up on the meaning of the songs.
“A remarkably soulful record, leaving a warm glow in its wake… there is a sublime beauty to the interplay of instruments.. a rather beautiful piece of work.”- John Davy, Flyin Shoes

Acclaimed Americana folk-pop gem featuring AJ Adams, David Blackmon (fiddle), Randall Bramblett (saxophone and piano), Lera Lynn (harmony vocals), Carlton Owens, Jason Fuller and Jess Franklin (rhodes and organ), and other top Athens musicians.
“Wounded Electric Youth is a bold move for Adam Klein… one of the finest albums of the year. This is a treasure trove of song writing."- Americana UK
“Short list for best album of the year.. a songwriter and interpreter in a state of grace and constant growth, a name to follow absolutely.”- Roots Highway
“One step further in his artistic evolution… Klein is a brilliant songwriter and storyteller…”- Rootstime

swing, Sun Studios’ rockabilly, and folk-rock delivered by an all-star cast of Athens, Georgia’s finest, including AJ Adams, Randall Bramblett, John Neff (Drive-By Truckers), Carlton Owens (Cracker)& more.
“Brilliant album”- Rootsville
“Compelling stories from a gifted storyteller… Klein has found a rich vein of songwriting material and mined it with extraordinary skill… recalling Paul Simon but imbued with the wide eyed spirit of Neil Young.”-Americana UK
“[Klein’s] star is on the rise… Townes Van Zandt, Mark Olson, Steve Earle and Josh Ritter come to mind spontaneously upon listening to Klein’s soul-moving performance.”- CtrlAltCountry

Debut record, released in 2006. A collection of rustic, dusty country folk songs colored with pedal steel, fiddle, dobro, and piano by some of Athens’ finest players, including David Barbe (wurlitzer), David Blackmon (fiddle), Drive-By Truckers' John Neff (pedal steel), & William Tonks of Bloodkin (dobro, guitar). Recorded by David Barbe at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA.
“… an engaging debut that’s as reliable and uncomplicated as a stout cup of coffee. It’s a fun, unpretentious batch of originals that suits this decade as well as any of the previous four.”- Flagpole Magazine
“Klein is exploring standard themes common to most songwriters. However, the fact that his songs are so obviously well-crafted, and the fact that his presentation— an engaging voice and quiet, acoustic country meets early-Dylanesque folk arrangements— ensures that Klein rises above the pack.”- Sing Out!
“… an album steeped in the cosmic cowboy music of the late 1960s to early 1970s. Think Neil Young’s loping country beat from Harvest and the harmonies of The Band. You can hear familiar echoes of musicians like Woody Guthrie, Guy Clark and Bob Dylan… As with Dylan during his domestic period (1968-74), Klein’s songs reflect a life being lived… one part Planet Waves and one part Travels with Charlie.”- Warren McQuiston, Southeast Performer Magazine